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God is inviting you to return to love. If you say yes, he will use every season of your life to transform you and fill your heart with gold, especially your desert seasons. He will use the rollercoasters of life to build your faith in his faithfulness. He says you are worthy and wanted, no matter what you’ve done. He deeply delights in you. 

In Return to Love, Alena Van Dyke shares her journey and wisdom gained in spiritual valleys, mountaintops, and deserts. Powerful, inspiring, and relatable, Alena opens her heart and guides you on your own personal journey to seek the Lord with all of your heart, mind, and soul. She invites you to embrace spirituality over religion through wholeheartedly embracing the Golden Rule: loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. You will be challenged to deconstruct your definition of religion and read the Bible in new ways, encouraged by her insights and prayer, and empowered by practical steps to grow and deepen your relationship with Jesus. 

If you’ve wrestled, doubted, felt unworthy, or if you yearn for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God, this is the invitation you’ve waited for, from the spiritual mentor and friend you’ll wish you found a long time ago.

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