a journey from
broken heart
wholehearted love

Return to Love

Restoring the Heart of Christianity

God is inviting you to return to love. If you say yes, he will use every season of your life to transform you and fill your heart with gold, especially your desert seasons. He will use the rollercoasters of life to build your faith in his faithfulness. He says you are worthy and wanted, no matter what you’ve done. He deeply delights in you. 

In Return to Love, Alena Van Dyke shares her journey and wisdom gained in spiritual valleys, mountaintops, and deserts. Powerful, inspiring, and relatable, Alena opens her heart and guides you on your own personal journey to seek the Lord with all of your heart, mind, and soul. She invites you to embrace spirituality over religion through wholeheartedly embracing the Golden Rule: loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. You will be challenged to deconstruct your definition of religion and read the Bible in new ways, encouraged by her insights and prayer, and empowered by practical steps to grow and deepen your relationship with Jesus. 

If you’ve wrestled, doubted, felt unworthy, or if you yearn for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God, this is the invitation you’ve waited for, from the spiritual mentor and friend you’ll wish you found a long time ago.

“You’ll want to read this book no matter how long or short your walk with Christ has been. It’s the invitation you’ve been waiting for to unlock the chambers of your heart that you thought were dead for good.”

– Jenna Sartor, Author & Minister

Healing with other kindred hearts

Guided “Book Club”

Alena is continuously guiding small groups through her book, Return to Love: Restoring the Heart of Christianity and bring kindred and like-minded friends together to chat about all that is deep and meaningful in life and love. Message, text or email her to signup!

“It will challenge you to take an introspective look at your heart, and bring newfound revelation of what it means to journey with the Lord and fall deeply in love with Jesus. I’ve never read a book like this.”
– Dr. Paul Martinez

“You will be challenged, edified, and encouraged.”
– Pastor Charlie Elmore

“Alena has been in and through the refiner’s fire and has produced a treasure chest of pure gold for readers of all ages and times to take into their hearts.”
– Bishop Mark Tross

Listen to Return to Love as narrated by author
Alena Van Dyke.

Journey from broken heart to wholehearted love…
Available in paperback, hardback, & ebook.

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About the Author

Alena Van Dyke is a spiritual mentor, author, teacher, podcast hostess, and friend to wounded hearts. Spirit-led and prophetic, this modern Christian mystic believes everything is spiritual. Through writing, teaching and having deep and meaningful conversations over coffee, Alena joins others on their journey to deconstruct religion and still seek the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. She is a safe and welcoming companion for those walking through difficult seasons into a wholehearted life with Jesus. 

Alena is the host of the Restoring Christianity podcast where she shares ancient truths in relatable ways and inspires you to live with intention because everything is spiritual and everything we do and say has eternal significance. In a time when the heart of the Lord is misrepresented, and the name of Christ misused, she is a clarifying voice for modern Christian living and reminds us to choose wholehearted love for the Lord over religious legalism.

Alena is also the President of Pray in the Desert where believers gather together to pray, heal, and worship Jesus in the beautiful New Mexico desert. 

“I felt as if I were sitting down with a friend as I read, and I didn’t want to put it down.
I smiled, cried and was encouraged . . .”

– Catherine Stuart, Author

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