Lots of people give good advice.
I want more for you.
Let’s seek God’s best for your life.


Speaker | Retreat Leader

Alena has a passion for the Word to be understood all over the world. If your church, community, or small group desires to be transformed from the inside out by your relationship with Jesus, and Alena’s words resound with you, please reach out! She is available to Zoom in and speak, or travel to host or co-host conferences and spiritual retreats.

Alena would love to come to teach, serve, pray, prophesy, or wash people’s feet. Alena would love to learn about your event, conference, or retreat and pray about what the Lord wants to say to your community. 

If you need help planning a retreat or want to get away and retreat in New Mexico, personalized and custom retreats can be planned just for you & your pastoral team or group of friends.   

“A few years back during a church retreat I was leading at Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico, I had a casual conversation with a conference attendee. That attendee was Alena Van Dyke, and I must confess that after a few more conversations with her, I felt a bit like John the Baptist when Jesus came to be baptized. I felt Alena needed to be leading the conference so I could soak up her wisdom.”

Pastor Charlie Elmore

Albuquerque, NM

a mentor for
Christian living


One-on-One mentoring

For those who desire to mindfully and intentionally develop their spiritual lives through opening and healing their heart, Alena would love to work with you. While healing and salvation may come in an instant, the healing after heart surgery is a process that takes time. It is a process to remodel, restore, and learn to love your heart and mind. Sometimes, what we need most, is an ‘older-sister’ and friend to remind us that it’s all ok, we’re in the right place at the right time, and Jesus has got our back while helping us sort through, discern, deconstruct, and label all the fear, lies, abuse, and false-truths that have gotten in the way of us knowing our true God-given identity. 

Alena has mentored pastors and leaders, intercessors, full-time moms, entrepreneurs, believers and non-believers. To meet with this encouraging and unassuming rebel who will help you tear down the walls of religious legalism, encourage and uplift you, rebuild your confidence, help heal your heart, and be a safe space to seek and find your true identity in Christ, contact Alena.

“Sometimes what Alena does for me can’t be explained in words. She helps me so much, it is insane. She helps keep me motivated and helps me understand how special I actually am. Being around negative people and negative energy, I just never believed in myself or believed that I could do something special. She helped me see that. She has opened my eyes to my talents and helped me truly believe that I can do anything.”

- AP


Special focus mentoring

Grief and Divorce Care

As a friend to wounded hearts, Alena has a special place in hers for those who are currently walking through or are still healing from divorce and loss. She is an encouraging and welcoming companion for those walking through difficult seasons and divorce. Her approach to look into Jesus’ eyes of fire instead of all the fires surrounding you, will help rebuild you on a firm foundation of wholehearted love. With a gentle and loving approach, she will help you reconstruct healthy, deep, and meaningful relationships with a loving God, others, and yourself. 

“After only an hour with Alena, I found her to be relatable, full of assurance, reliance, dedication, and grace. I walked away feeling reassured and confident, now knowing what I want and what direction to go. She helped me look at the bigger picture and ask why I’m doing what I’m doing, and if that can be achieved in other ways. There is no dollar amount you could put on heartfelt advice, it’s too valuable.”

- NS

Deconstruction & Reconstruction

Alena’s heart of gold turns to steel when defending those who have been abused and hurt by the church. She is unafraid to address real issues and will actively listen with compassion. Alena joins others on their journey to deconstruct toxic religion and sort through abusive experiences while reconstructing and redefining their faith.

An unassuming rebel, Alena will help you deconstruct toxic church culture, shame, and religion, and discern manipulation and lies in order to reconstruct a healthy, deep, and meaningful relationship with the lover of your soul, the people around you, and yourself. She will invite you into understanding and expressing your faith in new ways by bringing you into the presence and returning to the basics: Jesus, communion, intimacy, and freedom to be.

“Alena has helped me with everything and everything. Her guidance leads me in the right direction. I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was along the lines of, “It’s ok for people and relationships to have been a season,” referring to letting go/cutting ties with relationships that don’t benefit your soul. This was profound for me. It really made me realize that I waste a lot of energy trying to please so many unfulfilling relationships, and that I should be spending more of my time and energy on those who I truly love and care about. Relationships are about giving AND receiving. Alena also made me realize that I need to ask for help and to let my guard down, and ever since I have done that, bigger and greater things have come my way!”

- KG

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